You may not be aware at the moment how Social Networks can benefit your business in the long term, if done right that is.

There are 2 main players which we will be looking at in this post and they are FaceBook and Twitter, there are others that you may like to look at too such as Google+.

Ok, Now we have mentioned the 2 social Networking platforms we are going to explore, so how do we use them to benefit our business?

The first and easiest to implement is a FaceBook Like Button and a Twitter Tweet Button (which are free tools available to easily integrate) on the important pages on your website such as Products, Services and Blog Posts, this way your potential customers can share your products and services with their Friends and Followers alike within they’re Social Networks.

Total number of FaceBook users = 2.01 Billion (as of 09/2017)

Total number of Likes since launch = 1.13 Trillion

Average number of friends per FaceBook user = 145 (Male) & 166 (Female)

Degrees of separation between every Facebook user = 3.57

Total number of active registered Twitter users = 554,750,000

Average number of tweets per day = 58 Million

By embracing Social Networks your products and service have a potential reach of thousands of people.

In essence what we are saying is if you dress your website correctly and include Social Network Integration then your products and services will be seen by a much wider demographic then if you didn’t include such free tools, we would highly recommend including this in your marketing strategy.

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