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So, YOU have a BUSINESS?

But you can't afford full time EXPERTS in all areas of your business?

Why not get in touch with Bizmo and see how we can help fix the gap in
your business operation

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Let Bizmo help you in the following Areas :-
If there is something that we can't offer then let us know and we will find the skills.

IT Support

Finacial Advice

Web & Social Media

Business Consulting

Project Management

Training Services

We are not your usual kind of business


We at Bizmo have many years experience within the business market place, within our varied career paths we have all hit a brick wall and are of the opinion that it would have been great if we could have dealt with one single company to answer our questions and provide us services to enable us to act quickly and keep ahead of our competitors in this dog eat dog world of business.

So we have got together many experts in many different areas of business and commerce to help you in your time of need, even better we will try and source them as close as possible to the location of your business so they can be on site where and when you need them.

How it works?

All you need to do to get started is Register and tell us a little about your company, then when you need our services you log a ticket and we will deal with your request and find you the right person to help you solve the particular problem you are having.

What are the cost implications?

All costs vary on the time spent and equipment needed to carry out the task in hand, we will only charge you for the time spent as all equipment will be sourced by the engineer and payed by the business as and when it is needed.

The job will be priced up prior to commencement and will need to be paid to Bizmo, we will then hold the funds until the job is complete and you the business is satisfied with the outcome.

Why is working with Bizmo better then a support contract?

A lot of the smaller businesses in this day and age rely on support contracts in certain areas of business, particularly IT related disciplines.

So what is so wrong with having a support contract?

The main problem is you usually have to wait an age to get someone on site and often they work out of a large call centre or even abroad, with Bizmo we will get you the best there is who is from within your geographic area.

What service will I receive?

You will receive whatever service you require within the initial requirement, if there is a snag with the project then the expert/engineer will let you know upon analysis  and the cost may be adjusted to accommodate time and equipment needed to carry out the task.

What happens after job completion?

We will get in touch with you upon completion and find out exactly how the challenge was resolved, we will then ask you to rate the engineer / expert so that we can ensure we only employ the right people at Bizmo.

Why is is a great idea to use us?

By using Bizmo as a service provider you only pay for what you need, there is no need to go through the employment process only to find you employed the wrong person as they do not have the full skill set, additionally you will not have to pay holiday / sick pay as we are a service provider and not an individual, thus saving you money in the long term.


We look forward to working with you so register for free and get in touch with us as and when you need us, remember you only pay for what you need.


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    Information Technology

    From Websites to Server Implementations

  • Marketing

    From Canvasing to Social Marketing

  • 🌄

    Print & Photography

    From Graphic Design to Animation

  • General Business

    From Human Resources & Development to Infrastructure Modelling

  • 📊


    From Planning to Hedge Funding

  • 🎓


    From Employment Law to Health & Safety

  • 📞


    From Sales Training to Product Profiling & Sales Script Development

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We offer a full service of bespoke websites and e-commerce solutions to enable you to sell your products online why not check out or Price Plans and view our demo sites.

Services We Provide

Over the past 8 years the staff at BIZmo have been crafting websites for a number of industries from Estate Agencies, Recruitment Agencies to Multi Language Local Government Websites.

We understand your needs and are able to converse with our clients in a non jargon manner so you know exactly what we are on about.

In this day and age it is very important to have the best website possible that will work on many devices as this is your showroom to the world, we can help you make the most of this function by offering you the best at competitive prices.

Our staff will guide you through every process whether it be a new website or a redesign to a marketing strategy that boost your sales and help you achieve the highest profit margin possible.

Take a look at our skills and have a look at our professional team and they’re strengths.

Web Development
Social Campaigns
  • Website Creation

    We build well crafted websites that sell products

  • Email Marketing

    We have a dedicated team that can talk to you about your marketing strategy

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    Text Marketing

    We can help you with your SMS campaign whether it is Business to Business or Business to Consumer

  • Fax Marketing

    Although fax to the consumer is not a big thing anymore if you sell your products to companies then this is a quite effective marketing method

  • Digital Publishing

    Digital Publishing will enable your product specifications to be downloaded and printed by the consumer, you can track the downloads and gather leads through this method

  • 📖

    Traditional Publishing

    Traditional Publishing still works, we can create adverts, flyers, brochures and even radio ready adverts

  • 👤


    We can put you in touch with an experienced telesales team that will boost your sales and generate leads

Our Work

We have created many sites in the past for a number of different industries

Look at the pictures on the left of work we have already carried out.

Technology Used

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP
  • Classic ASP
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce

What others say about us

Fred Hickson

Bizmo created a site that would enable us at the New York Staff Exchange to compete in the world as a top quality recruitment agency, thanks to them we are now competing with the big boys.

Fred HicksonCEONew York Staff Exchange
David Bentley-Miller (LLB Hons)

BIZmo helped POBL a new Mental Health Charity based in Wales with several areas of expertise from Web Design, Marketing, Digital Publishing and SEO, I couldn’t speak highly enough of them as a professional agency.

David Bentley-Miller (LLB Hons)CEO - POBL
Vicky Lang

We were very happy with the work that Bizmo undertook for us, they were extremely professional and gave an extra dimension to what we wanted out of our website, I would highly recommend the services they provide.

Vicky LangCEO Love2Shine
Stephen Hookey

The team at Bizmo created a website for the Province of West Wales Masons that was just what we wanted, they added all the features that are needed in this day and age to spread the good word about our organisation.

Stephen HookeyAssistant Provincial Grand MasterWest Wales Mason
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